Jack's Ride - Original 1987 Mera

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Jack's Ride - Original 1987 Mera

Post by jacksclevername » Fri May 17, 2019 10:58 am

Hey guys. Didn't realize the old forum was toast. Figured now that it's car show weather I'd check back in and see what's up.

I've got something pretty unique - an original 1987 Pontiac Mera, the 50th one made of a total 247. I purchased last year from the original owner (upgraded from a pos Porsche 944). I've been a lifelong Porsche fan and the 944 was my realistic dream car, but I had couldn't pass up the opportunity on this one.

For the unfamiliar, these were an rebody package offered by Pontiac dealers (not the OEM) on 87 and 88 Fieros. The dealer would ship the Fiero (this one was started off as blue, there are a few spots under the hood where you can still see the original colour) to a shop in Michigan called Corporate Concepts that would do the rebody and ship the car back and an "homage to Italian car design" or more accurately a "blatant rip-off of the Ferrari 308." For obvious reasons, Ferrari sued Corporate Concepts and stopped production. Side by side, if you don't know what you're looking for you'd have a hard time telling it from a real 308, especially the 88 models which had Ferrari-style wheels apparently made by the same company that did the 308 rims.

I'd love to put it side-by-side with a real 308, so if anyone happened to know someone that'd got one in Sothern Ontario, hit me up.

The previous owner definitely didn't baby it, so I do have a little paint restoration I want to do. Aside from some paint issues, the thing runs like a top.

I'll hopefully see some of you guys at some shows this summer. If you see me come say hi.


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