Fieros at Carlisle 2019

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Fieros at Carlisle 2019

Post by Stinger » Thu Jan 10, 2019 2:02 am


If you are pre-registering for Carlisle 2019, do so before May 20th and get a 10% discount.

When you register, it's important that when selecting "Chevrolet Club" you select "Mid Atlantic Fiero Owners"

I was speaking with Jen Goss, President, Mid Atlantic Fiero Owners Association and she has asked that everyone supports the club when registering, as there are perks involved to the host club.

"in order for MAFOA to get the benefits as the host club, can you guys encourage your crew to sign-up under MAFOA if they register direct (only necessary for camping or late registration)? MAFOA affiliated registrations get us our tent and also allow us to access the info in advance of the show to plan things on our end."

Last year MAFOA ranked as the 3rd largest club registration. For 2019, MAFOA is looking to make that number even larger and with our support, maybe we can make it happen. Consider pre-registering.

Here's the registration link : ... e=2019-031

If you have any questions, I'll try and get the answers.


Here is the Promo from Carlisle Events:

Will Your Club Measure Up? Take the Club Challenge

In addition to the competition among the cars on the Chevrolet Nationals NPD Showfield, there is a battle between clubs to see who has the most cars registered. As a bonus, we offer the use of a 20’ X 20’ tent to those clubs who register 25 vehicles or more. These tents are a great place to take a break and they make a great club headquarters for the weekend. Larger clubs may be eligible for a bigger tent.

Congratulations to our winners and thank you for participating. Please contact us for details on how to be involved! For our next offering, we hope to see club participation grow even more. Don't miss out on this great gathering of like minded enthusiasts.

Congratulations to our top three in 2018:

1 - National Nostalgic Nova Club‐ 56
2 - First Generation Monte Carlo Club‐ 37
3 - Mid‐Atlantic Fiero Owners Association‐ 34


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