Announcement: Rebranding of GT Fieros to Ontario Fieros

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Announcement: Rebranding of GT Fieros to Ontario Fieros

Post by Luke » Wed Dec 26, 2018 10:19 pm

Hi Everyone,

We said there is more coming, so here it is!
We are very excited to announce the rebranding of “GT Fieros” to “Ontario Fieros”

Why do you ask? There are several reasons, one of them being that we feel that it more accurately captures who we are. Whenever we would be asked “what club are you a part of?” we would say “GT Fieros, but it’s really the Ontario club.”
What is our mission? It’s to bring together as many Fiero enthusiasts from Ontario as possible in one place and publicize all of the great things we do. Naturally as these cars age and they become more rare, there are fewer cars on the road and as a consequence there are fewer owners that are active. Our goal is to be more inclusive of the whole community to promote the hobby as much as possible so that as many owners as possible can connect. If clubs such as Niagara Fieros or Ottawa Fieros want to post events on our social media, great! The more the merrier. Our goal is to foster better communication, relationships, and how Fiero owners connect.

We are not aiming to be a club, at this point there is no plan on charging memberships. Our aim is work with the organizers and to publicize all of the great Fiero events that have already been happening in Ontario, whether it would be cruise nights, cruises, dinners, car shows or even international car show caravans. We also hope to grow these events so that more Fiero owners can connect with us.

As time goes on how forums are used has changed and other kinds of social media have become part of the community, and we felt that it needed to grow with the times. We have revamped the forum to be more effective, intuitive and user friendly. Our old forum was too diluted by having too many subsections, it was time to make it easier to find the information that is important to a Fiero enthusiast. Once you see the forum, the sections are very self-explanatory and intuitive.

We have also linked the WhatsApp group for those who are wishing for a live chat and are also expanding to other social media.

There are more great things coming from Ontario Fieros, stay tuned!