im new

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im new

Post by tarzanaman » Fri Jan 04, 2019 1:21 am

well im new....... first form im part of that i will post in n be on to keep up with others soooo yah it kinda cool its just starting over like sorta new form as i join lol well i am trying to pick up a fiero 3800 i love the body n i love the grand prix motor i learned to dive on a grand am then a g.p. n my auto teacher had a 2m4 that i got to do a bit of work on i aways wanted to buy a 2m4 n put in a gtp motor so when i got the chance to pick up a motor i picked it up for a build n evey once n a while look up fieros well now is my time to do this

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Re: im new

Post by 86FieroGT » Sat Jan 05, 2019 4:18 pm

Are there any 3800 fieros your are considering? there is a nice 3.8 fiero in the states that is almost finished. the owner is asking 2500 us. It is an 85 notchie. The only 3800 i know for sale has a 5 speed izuzu tranny which wont hold up well to the 3.8 so that will have to be swapped... it was for sale for 9k and now he jumped it to 10,900.

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